Collaboration with Other Non-Profits

In an effort to increase our impact on improving the future of marine mammals worldwide, the Wild Whale Research Foundation has combined efforts with a number of other non-profit organizations with similar missions. The WWRF has consistently devoted resources to one such organization in particular, Cascadia Research Collective.

Since 2002, WWRF has been collaborating with researchers from Cascadia Research Collective (a non-profit organization based in Washington state) on a variety of studies, including:

  • Analyzing diving behavior of pilot whales, Cuvier’s beaked whales and Blainville’s beaked whales through the use of suction-cup attached time-depth recorders
  • Using remotely-deployed satellite tags to study movements of false killer whales, short-finned pilot whales, melon-headed whales, pygmy killer whales, sperm whales, Cuvier’s beaked whales and Blainville’s beaked whales
  • Working with the Center for Whale Research, in Friday Harbor, Washington;   supporting Executive Director, Ken Balcomb, in acquiring ID photos of southern resident killer whale population
  • Helping University of Alaska deploy tags for monitoring heart rate, along with satellite tags to assess movement of whales in the area